Traffic congestion to vanish at Rajagiriya

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RDA constructs 4 lane flyover

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BY YOSHITHA PERERA. Construction of the 550 metre fourlane over pass from Rajagiriya began earlier this week, the Road Development Authority said. The five way junction, the scene of heavy traffic each day, sees more than 100,000 vehicles using this road, Project Director of the Spanish Flyovers at Rajagiriya, Priyal Warnakulasooriya said. Mr.Warnakulasooriya said that two lanes would be constructed under the first phase of the project.

The flyover estimated to cost Rs.4.7 billion would be 533 metres in length, he said “The flyover will divide in two, with one end leading to the Buthgamuwa Road which connects to the Rajagiriya – Kaduwela Road, while the other end reaches the junction near the President’s College, Rajagiriya in the vicinity of the Election Commission,” it is said. The main project funded by the Spanish Government was to construct three flyovers at Rajagiriya, Polgahawela and Ganemulla. Mr.Warnakulasooriya said that all three overpasses were estimated to cost Rs. 8,486,099,420. Speaking about the traffic plan during the construction period, DIG of the Traffic Police Paitha Fernando stated that they had already allocated an additional track on the left side of the Rajagiriya – Battaramulla Road to minimise the traffic congestion during the construction period.

He said that they had not introduced a special traffic plan through the construction period.