Papadam factory raided in Colombo

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A papadum factory based in Hulftsdorp, Colombo was raided by the Health Officials of the Colombo Municipality’s Health Department on Tuesday and it was found that the food item was being manufactured in an unhygienic manner. The raw papadums had been laid along the roadside to dehydrate them. “Raw papadam easily get tainted from dirt, dust on the road and smoke emitted from the vehicles,” Dr. Subash Mendis, Head of the Food Hygiene Unit said. He said legal action would be taken against the owners of the factory which he said produces around 5,000 papadums on a daily basis. “These are the papadums which are being sold to hotels and eateries in Colombo after packing them in attractive packages. No one knows the unhygienic manufacturing process of the food item.Hundreds of flies were seen on the papadums and on the dough which was being used to produce papadums,” he said. Medical Officers of Health and Public Health Inspectors took part in the raid which was carried under the instructions of Municipality’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ruwan WIjayamuni.