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Untitled-2BY KELUM BANDARA The Economic and Technology Cooperation Agreement (ETCA), proposed to be signed between India and Sri Lanka, will cover service trading yet without allowing for professionals from either country to move for employment, it is learnt.

An official delegation went to New Delhi for another round of talks on the ETCA being planned to be signed by the end of the year. Service trading takes place in the world under transnational agreements in four modes- the movement of natural persons, cross-broader supply, consumption abroad and commercial presence. An official familiar with trade negotiations with India said the movement of natural persons was not part of the agenda at all. “It is total falsehood that the ETCA will open the door for Indian professionals to come here for work. Therefore huge emotion is being whipped up in the country,” he said on condition of anonymity. However, he said other three aspects were discussed. Under the mode ‘cross border supply’, professional services are exchanged between the two countries concerned without professionals moving from either side. It happens mostly through the use of Information Technology. People moving from one country to another for services are covered under the mode called ‘Consumption abroad’.