Parents compelled to send their children to private pre-schools

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TEXT & PICS BY MUDITHA DAYANANDA The parents of the Rukmalgama Pre- School children blamed the abrupt closure of the pre-school under the administration of the Maharagama Urban Council in mid year has caused many difficulties . The closure of this pre-school in Rukmalgama, Kottawa which existed for the last ten years was renovated at a cost of Rs.2 million is a wastage of people’s money the parents and the residents of the area said. The pre-school began 10 years ago with 50 children. After the Chief Mistress left, it has continued to serve under a new teacher. There had been nine children in the preschool at the time of the closure for whom fees had also been paid they said.

The residents said this pre-school maintained by the Urban Council provided a great service to the children of the area and now that opportunity has been denied for them. The closure of the pre-school has compelled the parents to send their children to private pre-schools in the area and it is difficult for them to afford the fees for these institutes. Parents said the Chief Minister has told the parents to send their children to the Maharagama Urban Council Pre-school. However, it is not practical for them due to the expense and time involved as they were engaged in odd jobs for their livelihood. Dharshana Waduge, a father of Rukmal Pre-school child said about Rs. 2 million had been spent for renovation of the school building and asked why such a large amount of money was spent and later decided to close the pre-school.

Untitled-3The former mistress of the school V.K.J. Damayanthi said she is a Diploma holder for pre-school education and served 7 years in the school. Her job was made permanent only in March this year. She also said during her time there were more than 20 children in the school on average. When asked about the situation from Vinitha Epa, the Acting Secretary of the Mahargama UC, she declined to express her views and referred us to the Chief Minister. The Western Province Chief Minister Isura Devapriya said this pre-school has been set up by the former Chairman of the Urban Council without proper teachers and there were only four children when it was closed and was not practical for maintaining a preschool for such a few number of children. And the parents can send their children to the Maharagama UC pre-school. He said there is a request to start an Ayurvedic Centre at the place.