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“Premaya Nam” – the directorial debut of brothers Kalpana Ariyawansa and Vindana Ariyawansa, has been nominated for the Best Picture Award at the upcoming 7th Chicago South Asian Film Festival in the US. So far “Premaya Nam” has been chosen for 12 International Film Festivals, including the Beijing, Shanghai, Goa, Kerala, Delhi, Florida and London. The Chicago South Asian Film Festival is the 6th in which it is chosen to compete for the Best Film.

“Premaya Nam” faces tough competition in the Best Film category, which boasts of an ensemble of critically-acclaimed movies representing the South Asian subcontinent, many of which have won multiple awards at renowned international film festivals across the globe, such as “Masaan” the winner of FIPRESCI Prize at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in 2015. “Premaya Nam” has had the rare distinction of representing Sri Lanka in prominent film festivals across three continents, which includes Asia, Europe and Americas. “Premaya Nam” earns a unique place in Sri Lankan Cinema, as the first feature film to be directed by two brothers – a record that can perhaps never be broken. Also written by the brothers Kalpana and Vindana Ariyawansa, “Premaya Nam” is a heart-warming love story with a subtext on mental health and features a talented star cast.