Haphazard parking, unauthorised stalls result in bottleneck

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BY INDIKA MANOJ COORAY AND KUSAL CHAMATH The old Galle Road in Moratuwa, which is also the Panadura-Colombo bus route, and the main bazaar have turned into a bottleneck for want of an effective traffic plan. Residents of the area said haphazard parking of vehicles on pavements compelled them to walk on the edge of the road regardless of its danger, and that many pedestrians have been knocked down by passing vehicles. Meanwhile, private bus operators and drivers pointed out that it was with great difficulty that they passed the Moratuwa town due to traffic congestion. Roy Ferdinandez (45), a resident of the area, said the pavements were being used by drivers as parking spaces, and that the pedestrians had to walk along the edge of the road, facing the danger of accidents. “A heavy traffic jam is experienced in the town during peak hours.

Police have failed to implement a traffic plan for the town and prevent haphazard parking. This has resulted in many grisly accidents and the ultimate victim of all these inconveniences is the innocent pedestrian. On top of this problem, unauthorised traders have erected stalls on the pavement. Although the police, at times, took steps to remove these unauthorised pavement hawkers, they come back under political patronage,” he said. Meanwhile, the businessmen community in Moratuwa expressed concern about the obstructions caused by haphazard parking of vehicles. They said the town was frequented by thousands of people from dawn to dusk, yet the authorities failed to pay adequate attention to this issue. They pointed out that the local politicians were the owners of several stalls that were occupied by others on rent, and that the unauthorised traders were receiving political patronage. However, the residents of the area requested the police and the Moratuwa Municipal Council to implement an effective traffic plan for the town, and to take action against the drivers who obstructed the pavements by parking. They also requested the removal of unauthorised stalls erected on the pavements.