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BY NABEELA HUSSAIN The Colombo Municipality spent at least Rs. 2 billion on unexpected road renovations, maintenance and repairs each year, Municipality Engineering Work Project Director J. A. Guruge said. He pointed out that the streets of Colombo were constantly broken, re-laid and over a year due to the unexpected needs of residents and commercial properties in the city limits. While the council allocates Rs. 700-800 million on average each year for the purpose, funds for remaining renovations were scavenged from unused funds allocated for other projects in the city, he said.

“The residents or owners of commercial properties upgrade the amenities constantly, and as the maintenance body of the city, we have to accommodate these needs. Its either better water, electricity or telecommunication facilities that dig up many of the roads in the city,” Mr. Guruge said, adding that the municipality had spent close to Rs. 1,200 million on such road renovations and repairs for this year alone. “The municipality was renovating four major roads (Jampattah Street, Cambridge Place, Guildford Crescent and Thurstan Road) at the moment, but was forced to delay its completion due to ongoing development projects. We are making the pavements, drainage system and street lights, and re-marking the lanes and landscaping.

We have completed most of it but have halted the process down Thurstan Road because the development project has not been completed,” he said. Mr. Guruge added that the Park Road and Kirula Road were next in line for renovations, as steps were underway to widen the Purwarama Road. “We are in the process of acquiring land in the area. The Purwarama Temple management has agreed to allow the widening, and we will initiate the project soon,” Guruge said.