Rail passengers concerned over platform shelters

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BY KUSAL CHAMATH Hundreds of passengers boarding and getting off trains at railway stations from Colpetty and beyond are facing hardships for want of platform shelters. The passengers said they often got wet when boarding or getting off the trains during heavy rain. The platforms only covered the length of the railway station building, but the entire length of the platform was exposed to the elements, they lamented. Meanwhile, Kirthiwansa de Silva (45), a rail passenger from Panadura, said the officials who renovated the platform shelters about three years ago had cut them short without least concern about the hardships the passengers would have to face. He said the Railways Department that purchased railway compartments from India had to raise the platforms up to the level of the floor board of the compartments at a colossal expenditure. However, the passengers requested the Railways Department to erect shelters covering the full length of the platform. PIC BY H.M DHARMAPALA