Case filed against Alan Mathiniyaramaya

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Untitled-4BY SHEHAN CHAMIKA SILVA A personal complaint (lawsuit) was filed against Ven. Uduwe Dhammaloka Thera in the Colombo Chief Magistrate’s Court yesterday by four persons who had complained about the extreme noise levels emanating from the loudspeakers used by the Alan Mathiniyaramaya Temple in Polhengoda

The Complainants had alleged that the exposure to such noise levels constituted a health risk and there was sufficient scientific evidence to this. They requested the court to issue an order to prevent the temple from continuously amplifying the noise levels by the use of loudspeakers. In the complaint, it was said that they had informed the temple authorities and the chief incumbent of the temple, Ven. Dhammaloka Thera about the difficulty that they had to undergo as a result of this, to no avail. Complainants had filed the personal case citing Ven. Dhammaloka Thera as the defendant, in line with the section 98(1) of the Criminal Procedure Code seeking a court order for the removal of the nuisance. This personal case was filed under section 136 of the Criminal Procedure Code where people are permitted to file complaints directly to a Magistrate without the prosecution.