MEGAPOLIS MINISTER EXPLAINS redesigning of Colombo City

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The Beira Lake and the surrounding area are to be developed as a commercial area with an international commercial hub to be established in the vicinity next year, the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development said. Releasing a statement, Minister of Megapolis and Western Development Champika Ranawaka said the Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation (SLLRDC) had ten major projects next year. Under the Weras Ganga Project, the storm water system in Colombo would be developed to control any floods that might occur and underground water ways and pumping stations would be set-up in the District. The statement went on to say the Urban Development Authority (UDA),SLLRDC and the National Physical Planning Division had performed better during the past year when compared to previous years. “We will establish a plan to develop the existing facilities we have in the country and also develop plans for the future. If we are to spend public funds on development projects they should be carried out in accordance with an extensive plan,” the Minister said. Plans were also afoot to reduce traffic congestion in the city through the establishment of a multi purpose transport centres, develop the express bus transport system and introduce the bus traffic transit system followed in the Western countries. “Transport hubs are also to be established near Parliament, Battaramulla, Kottawa, Kaduwela, Kadawatha, Panadura and Kandy,” it was said.