Police violated our parliamentary privileges: JO

Published : 8:16 am  December 6, 2016 | No comments so far |  |  (360) reads | 

BY YOHAN PERERA Joint opposition MPs yesterday accused the police of violating their parliamentary privileges on Saturday by preventing them from coming into Parliament.

Police violated… “Even the Prime Minister has said no one can stop the MPs from coming into the House but some of our MPs were stopped from doing so by the Police on Saturday,” JO group leader Dinesh Gunawardene said and requested a meeting with the Speaker on this matter. MPs Vasudewa Nanayakara and Bandula Gunawardane said they were prevented from coming into Parliament. “I was asked to leave my vehicle and walk. It is not correct to treat law makers as tea makers” Mr Gunawardene said. “I was made to walk towards Parliament,” Mr Nanayakara said. Speaker Karu Jayasuriya in his response said the police had to take precautions because those who held the protest along parliament road on Saturday had threatened to surround the House. “The police do not need my permission to provide protection whenever there is a threat to the House,” he said. Mr. Nanayakara then asked what would happen if the police surrounded Parliament and arrested all the MPs. The Speaker said in such an even he will act on behalf of the MPs.