Manning Market project gets off the ground

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Minister of Megapolis and Western Development said yesterday that preliminary works at the new Manning Market at Peliyagoda had begun.  

 “Pilling works of the Peliyagoda Manning Market are being conducting at the moment and expected to complete within six months,” Janaka Ranaweera UDA Deputy Director (Planning) said.  
Once construction is complete, traders in Manning market are to be shifted to the new premises, making way for the government’s multi modal transport hub.   

Initial reports of the project stated that the new premise supposedly constructed on a 25 acre land will have space for both retail and wholesale traders.   

Speaking to the Daily Mirror on a previous occasion Janaka Ranaweera, UDA Deputy Director (Planning) said the new market would have a specific area allocated for retail traders closer to the road and larger stalls, with lofts for storage, for wholesale traders further in.   
Banks, restaurants, a large parking area coupled with other facilities such as washrooms will be provided as well. “We have met all the trade unions, they told us their needs and we have planned the new market accordingly,” he said.  

Ranaweera said transport was one of the main concerns raised by the traders. The connecting roads will be developed by the Authority with Peliyagoda being connected to main highways and transport hubs that will be constructed, he said.   
“Peliyagoda is already connected to the highways and transport plans for the province will ensure a main connecting centre at Kadawatha. The bus routes and other transportation facilities will develop with the demand,” Ranaweeera said.  
The UDA had initiated a drainage development programme for the area as it was prone to flooding and is also on the lookout for an integrated solid waste management system.  

The market could not be shifted in small factions as each component played a crucial role in the functions of the market as a whole. Therefore, once construction in Peliyagoda is complete, the entire market will be shifted to the new site.   

Once complete, Phase two of the project will shift the onion and potato traders in Fourth and Fifth Cross Street to Peliyagoda as well.   
The building currently housing the Manning Market will be demolished to make way for a multi model transport hub.