‘OK’ environmental certification

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Plastic Pakaging Pte Ltd a family owned business which manufactures and exports Natureplus Compostable and Biodegradable bags to the UK market, is a leading company established 28 years ago and the main objective is the manufacture of polythene bags and other environmentally friendly bags such as Biodegradable and Compostable bags .  fgu
PPP Chairman Dr Mervyn Dias, PhD mentioned that their Compostable bags are free of plastics and polythene at all and it is tested and certified by ITI , Sri Lanka. Their bags are used in UK to collect food waste from homes and to divert food waste from landfill . If there is polythene in the bag the bags will not get composted as polythene is not compostable .  
The Compostable bag can be identified easily from a normal polythene bag according to Mervyn Dias as the film has a balloon effect . This means that the bag can be stretched and has a silky effect . The normal polythene bag cannot be stretched like a balloon .  
This bag can be of use for dual purposes . First this bag can be used to store food in the fridge as a freezer bag . This can be used to store food and thereafter the bag can be used in the kitchen bin to collect biodegradable waste such as meal leftovers, vegetable cuttings, food scraps, bread, rice egg shells tea
leaves etc .  
The Compostable bag has international standard such as EU standard EN 13432 and a product to be compostable this product or bag has to be tested & certified . Naturplus is certified by Vincotte. The bag is printed with these logos and this means that the product has been formally certified with the OK COMPOST AND OK HOME COMPOST ENVIRONMENTAL CERTIFICATION MARKS, he said.  
 If you need any information please contact 0777 396679 ,www.pppcompostablebag.com