IAT students concerned over poor waste-water drainage system

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By H.M. Dharmapala   
The students of the Institute of Advanced Technology (IAT) at Waidya Road in Dehiwela are left in the lurch as the waste-water drainage system in front of the institute remains obstructed for more than a year.   

The students said the concrete slabs that collapsed and fell into the drains obstructed the free flow of water, and that it resulted in the overflow of waste-water onto the road and the compound opposite the institute’s entrance.   

“We have been severely inconvenienced due to this for over a year. Our shoes and even our cloths get dirty as waste-water seeps into them when we walk through the compound in front of the main entrance of the institute. We are compelled to breathe polluted air due to the nauseating smell from stagnant waste-water. Although we continually requested the institute’s administration to attend to this concern, nothing had been done so far to address this problem. Nevertheless, the officials said they informed the relevant authorities to repair the drainage system,” the students lamented.   

The residents of the area too expressed concern about the broken-down drainage system that created a dengue breeding ground, posing a serious threat to their health.   

However, Chief Municipal Engineer N.K.L.Chandana said the movement of heavy vehicles that transported building material for the ongoing development project of the institute caused damage to concrete slabs. He added that repairs to waste-water drains would be initiated after a site inspection.