No space in Colombo South Teaching Hospital: Staff

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Text and Pix by Muditha Dayananda   
Staff members of the Colombo South Teaching Hospital said patients did not receive the full capacity of facilities available at the hospital as authorities had not taken measures to complete the partially-constructed building in the premises.  They said the building, if completed, would allow the overcrowded hospital to provide patients with a better range of services. However, as one of the main teaching hospitals in the country, the Colombo South Teaching Hospital has a large number of OPD and in-house patients.

Although the construction of the building commenced in 2006, it had come to a halt two years later, despite all nine floors of the plan being constructed. Henceforth, the authorities have not pursued with the construction of the structure.

Meanwhile, Kalubowila Hospital Secretary T. G Samarasinghe said three staff members had died of Dengue during the past six months.  “The biggest issue is not the patients dying but the fact that we don’t have the necessary facilities for them. The hospital is crammed with patients and visitors, and this will also affect the spread of Dengue. The authorities should be held responsible for the building not being completed during the past six years. If we do not receive a solution for our issue, we will protest,” he said.  However, when contacted Hospital Director Dr. Asela Gunawardena, he said they dealt with more patients than they had to deal with facilities.

“Some wards have facilities for only 45 patients but sometimes you would find more than a 100 patients being treated there. Completing the building would give us more wards because we do not have sufficient space as of now,” he said.  When questioned about the building, Dr.Gunawardena said an issue with the contractor had lead to the halt in construction and measures had been taken to blacklist the said contractor.