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by Sirohmi Gunesekera
“I Will Always Love You” sang Chithru de Silva who was not afraid to take the high notes of the Whitney Houston hit.
“Somewhere over the Rainbow” sang Sadhini Navaratne, yet another of Ishan de Lanerolle’s students of music and singing. The 126 adults, teenagers and children sang at “Different Voices”, the show staged at the Lionel Wendt theatre on Wednesday, 11th January 2017 by Ishan de Lanerolle.

“Ishan since childhood has been a caring, gentle child and we have had many of his associates telling us how caring he is. Ishan hardly ever says “No” and seems to find time to say “Yes” to anyone if help is required. He has, since school, been involved in many productions as an actor, singer, director and producer. Well, like all teachers he also would have had it at the back of his mind to stage a performance where he is able to bring out the best in all these wonderful children – his students,” said Ishan’s parents, Rohan and Ganjalee De Lanerolle.

The show began with the inspiring “Power of the Dream” sung by the soloists Chithru, Faith and Vithma and the “Intermediates”.  
Those on stage ranged from a two and a half year old toddler to a Singing Doctor Anojana.

“It is never easy organising a show of any kind, giving the amount of time, dedication, sacrifice and financial investment. I applaud you, Ishan, for the effort you have put into “Different Voices” said dance coach Michelle Mortier who choreographed the show.

“It’s a Small World” sang the little ones who moved to the music and waved, dressed in colourful costumes. “Performing on stage gives self-confidence, teaches the students about team effort and thereby develops their personality and most importantly, their talent.” said Shyama Perera, director of “The Studio” where Ishan conducts singing classes.


“God Help the Outcast” sang Dilani a soloist who brought out the thought-provoking lyrics as she sang. “Ishan has been teaching at our Centre for approximately one year. He teaches a set of senior students and it’s lovely to hear the music that they make. I believe that his classes have brought about a beautiful musical environment.” commented Asha Ilapperuma, director of  “Mystical Rose”.

“Hello darkness my friend, I’ve come to talk with you again.” Sang the duo Shaveen and Chrimesh as they gave a beautiful rendition of “The Sound of Silence”.

Assistant Director Roshanara Tissaaratchy said, “It has been an utter privilege to have been given the chance to work with not only one of Sri Lanka’s greatest talents but also an absolutely wonderful human being, Ishan, who has ensured over the years that the art of singing has never lost its most important trait; that it remains FUN! ”

The show ended with the Intermediates and Seniors singing “Dance with me Tonight”.

“I must mention that I am extremely proud of each and every student who is on stage today. It has been a long road to get here today with many battling stage fright while others have overcome pitch issues.  Some have never sung on stage or solo before. The enjoyment and challenge for me personally as a vocal coach is to get people who CANNOT sing or pitch, to sing in pitch, as such the school is always open to anyone and everyone.”said Ishan.

Part of the proceeds of the show will be donated to the charity “My friend.”