Colombo roads to be renovated this year

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More than a 100 Km of roads in Colombo will be renovated this year at a cost of Rs. 800 million, the Colombo Municipality said yesterday.   

Many of the roads needed to be augmented parallel to other ongoing projects, including the sewerage project conducted by the Colombo Municipality, Director of Engineering Works M. A. C. M.  Fazal said, speaking to the Daily Mirror.   

 Government utility organizations such as the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) and the Water Board had been requested to provide plans for the coming year in a bid to develop a more comprehensive plan for the renovation of the roads.   

Fazal confirmed that most of the projects have already been given principle approval for projects. “The utility organizations will then provide a draft of the plan for the year which will then be discussed with the municipality, and a comprehensive plan where all institutions can work together will be made,” he said. 

“Most of these organizations do not get funding for projects at the same time, which has caused a mismatch of projects. However, this year we have asked them to map out the projects, so we can make a better plan for renovations. We will not touch a road until all plans align,” he said.   

Many of the organizations did not have a comprehensive plan of their underground networks. “The programme to do this is fairly new. We have to map out where the power cables and water pipes are,” Fazal explained.   

The renovation of roads will include the improvement of storm water systems, the establishment of lamp posts, renovation of foot paths and zebra crossings. “Some roads will only need an overlaying of the carpet but others must be renovated,” he said.   

The municipality had identified 30 Km that needed major work and at least a 100 km of roads which needed to be over-layed, and the municipality was in the process of ascertaining the roads which needed to be renovated this year.   

Fazal also said that private roads connecting two main roads, such as the Galle Road and the Duplication Road, will also be developed this year allowing more traffic to move through. “Private roads that have a dead end will be left as they are because the development of these roads will have no public purpose, as they will not be used by the public,” he said.