Increasing stray dog population creates serious health hazard

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By H.M. Dharmapala and Kusal Chamath   
A crash programme to prevent Rabies in the area has been launched by the Dehiwala – Mount Lavinia Municipal Council (MC).   
As an initiative, sterilization of dogs and immunizing of dogs against rabies, was held at the Kawdana Rural Development Society of the Ratmalana Divisional Secretariat, under its rural development programme.   

Commenting on the programme, Municipal Veterinary Surgeon Dr. H.D.I.J. Jayasinghe said that the stray dog population in the area was increasing in a large proportion every year and that it created a serious health hazard. She pointed out that the hydrophobia caused by rabid dogs is a terminal disease for which the only remedy available at present is to have a course of  injections. Dr. Jayasinghe said the people could be saved from that danger by immunizing dogs against rabies. She stressed the need to sterilize dogs, to reduce the dog population, and said that the colossal expenditure for treatment of dog bites had been increasing every year.   

 The MOH office and the Veterinary Office had launched a joint programme to vaccinate all pet dogs in houses and also the stray dogs. It included a public awareness programme to seek public cooperation. Young men and women volunteered to bring stray dogs to the clinic to be vaccinated.   

The programme was launched by MOH Dr. Indika Ellawala, Veterinary Surgeon H.D.I. Jayasinghe and the Rural Development Society President P. Ruwan Prasanna Fernando, on the instructions of Municipal Commissioner Dhammika Mutugala.