Koralawella Crematorium functions after a long lapse

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By Rekha Tharangani Fonseka   
The Koralawella Crematorium in Moratuwa which was not functioning for several weeks has been renovated and is now open to the public, officials said.   

Residents reported the crematorium last week, stating they were forced to take the deceased to Rawathawatte for cremation.   
Many complained that the crematorium had not been functioning properly for some time and that bodies were often half burnt. Several individuals claimed they saw the burnt bodies from the windows that were left open at the premises.   

“The staff sometimes keeps the window open to allow the wind to ruffle the fire as the burners are defective. This sort of haphazard maintenance is not going to help the people. It is apparent that the crematorium in its entirety is malfunctioning due to the lack of maintenance,” residents said.   

When inquired, the caretaker of the crematorium declined to comment, fearing he would lose his job.   

Last week a resident, M. A Anil said they could sometimes see partially burnt bodies through the window. “The window shouldn’t be open in such a situation to begin with,” he said.   

However, Engineer M. Priyashantha said the damages at the crematorium had been identified and that it had been renovated. “The people can now come and use it,” he said.   

When the Mirror previously spoke to the Moratuwa Municipality Commissioner M.M.C.K. Mannapperuma, he said that officers had been directed to prepare long and short term plans to resolve the issues. “As there is a lack of technical knowledge on this matter, two staff members are to be sent for training. At the same time I have instructed the Engineer to coordinate with the Company in Nugegoda who earlier carried out maintenance of the crematorium.”