Govt. should provide funds to develop cities in WP – Champika Ranawaka

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Capital expenditure of the government is the lowest in the Western Province, Megapolis and Western Development Minister Champika Ranawaka said.   

Speaking at the opening ceremony of a bridge, the Minister said 40 percent of the voter base of the government was from the Western Province but the province had the least capital expenditure.   

“The government needs to provide funds to develop cities in the province. We propose that the construction of expressways, flyovers, water supply management and storm water retention in the Province should take the foremost place,” he said.   


The previous government spent Rs.250 billion on renovating roads and bridges and the ministry took close to one and a half years to pay off the loans and maintain such programmes.   

Commenting on projects such as the Weras Ganga, the Minister said many had criticized the project, claiming it destroyed water resources in the area. However, when the Kaduwela and Kolonnawa areas flooded last May, the Piliyandala and Raththanapitiya areas were saved due to the Weras Ganga project, Ranawaka claimed.   

Speaking of projects that were to be conducted in the coming months, the Minister said 100 projects would be initiated between January 8 and April 13.   

Piliyandala will be developed as a city in three years, in addition to a multi-modal transport hub being set up in the Province. Additionally, Boralesgamuwa and Raththanapitiya will be developed as a middle-class area, complete with a commercial hub.   

The Ministry had also taken measures to construct housing schemes in Ratmalana, Piliyandala, Maharagama and Kottawa.   
Speaking of the Colombo Port City Project, the Minister also said that even though construction in the reclaimed land was initially scheduled to begin in 2019, it would begin next year (2018).