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With reference to the published article in the Daily Mirror on the Metro page dated January 19, 2017, with the interview you had with Director of Engineering works of the Colombo Municipal Council A.C.M Fazal.  
I have written to the Daily Mirror on several occasions regarding our road at Eswary Road, Pamankade East, Colombo 6, which is the busiest road and has not been developed. Now that the road has been made one way, it is even busier and as the road is narrow from the middle and towards the end traffic in the evening and afternoon on the road is heavily congested.   
The road has not been maintained by the authorities which is also a cause for the congestion. We would appreciate it if the road was renovated and widened to accommodate the flow of traffic.   
I would very much appreciate if you could publish this article or forward it to Mr. Fazal, who could consider giving priority to develop this road at his earliest once they commence the development project. All residents are eagerly awaiting the road widening.  
Thanking you,  
Best Regards  
M. Lareef Sheriff  
34/1,Eswary Road Pamankade, Colombo 6.