JVP to appeal against SAITM verdict

Published : 11:17 am  February 1, 2017 | No comments so far |  |  (452) reads | 

   By Muditha Dayananda   
Parliamentarian Dr Nalinda Jayatissa, a central committee member of the JVP, said yesterday that his party hoped to appeal to the Supreme Court on behalf of the people in order to obtain justice regarding the SAITM medical college. 

Dr Jayatissa, speaking on the Appeal Court verdict on SAITM College, said that from the beginning there was opposition to private medical colleges in the island . “This applies to SAITM as well. It is also known that this college has not been established in a legal manner. A country’s Medical Council has to function as an independent body governing the duties of doctors. The aim of the establishment of such a council is to ensure that the public are provided with a satisfactory medical service. The theme of the British Medical Council is that their responsibility is not to the government or to the professionals but to the general public,” he said.   
He added that, following the verdict, SAITM would be made a legal institute. But its quality cannot be decided by a legal entity. “We feel that the government’s plan to sell education would now get a legal backing. But we feel that the struggle for securing the right to free education for our children should go forward. Law and Justice are two different things. Laws cannot achieve all the needs of the people. We are hoping to appeal to the Supreme Court against the verdict,” he said.