Project to convert single-track to double -track launched

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By Darshana Sanjeewa 
The project to expand the single-track railway to a double-track railway from Kalutara to Payagala (7 kilometres) on the Southern Coastal line was launched by the Civil Aviation and Transport Ministry on Sunday. 

Addressing the event held at the Colombo Fort railway station, Subject Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva said the government had allocated a whopping Rs. 762 million for the project.  

“Only seven per cent of the commuters use the railway service. We need to increase it up to 25 per cent. This could be done only by providing better services. We need the support of trade unions for this,” the minister said. 

The Railways Department had also made arrangements to transport the three railway motor trolleys it purchased at a cost of Rs. 134 million to be used in the project.  

However, there is already a double-track railway line from Colombo to Kalutara on the Southern Coastal line at present.