Entire village hit by viral flu

Published : 8:04 am  February 13, 2017 | No comments so far |  |  (254) reads | 

By Saman Palitha Nanayakkara
All the residents of the remote Baduludena village had contracted a viral flu during the past few days, Haldummulla Regional Medical Office of Health (MOH) said yesterday.

DM_20170213_A001-43The village is located about 15 km off the Colombo-Badulla Main Road. The Haldummulla MOH held medical clinic at the village as all residents of the villages had contracted fever for the past few days.

Earlier all the villagers were sent to clinics outside the village by the MOH office, Haldummulla MOH Dr. Upali Weeararathne said. However, the villagers had remained in their houses without seeking medical treatment due to transport difficulties in the area, he said. Baduludena Village with 14 families living in it is located about 15 kilometres off the Colombo-Badulla Main Road. Dr. Weerarathne said with this viral fever condition the patients get cough, headache and indigestion and all the patients were given treatment at the village from Friday with the help of the Haldummulla PHI S. Sudarshan.

Transport facilities to the hospital were provided for serious cases with the assistance of the Community Police Unit OIC S.M. Nagahawatte.