Mud Morganfield

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By Panchali Illankoon
The Colombo Jazz Festival returns on its second consecutive year on the 18th and 19th of February 2017 at the Galle Face Hotel.  Celebrating jazz and embracing the lifestyle – the Colombo Jazz Festival is not to be missed! 
We catch up with some of the headlining acts of the Festival to talk about music, their career and their thoughts on the Festival;

Untitled-2Titled the ‘Son of Blues’, Mud Morganfield is the son of famous Blues singer Muddy Waters. He launched his music career in blues clubs in Chicago performing a mix of his father’s work and his own.  His album ‘For Pops: A Tribute to Muddy Waters’ in 2015 received a Blues Music Award. 

?What got you into blues 
I was born in the blues. I may have been tapping in my mother’s stomach. I can remember these beats staying in my head and me singing myself to sleep.

?You’ve been titled the ‘Son of the Blues’. How does that make you feel
I am the son of the blues. Not “only” because of my mom and dad, but also because I lived the blues.  I am honoured to be the son of Muddy Waters and the true keeper of his flame.

?Has your father ever influenced your music 
 My Dad is the biggest part of my Influence.  All children want to make their family proud of them.

?What makes a good performance? How can you connect with your crowd
A good performance comes from the heart.  You either have it or you don’t.  People can always see the realness in a performance. As I have said, not only did my dad have the blues, I too have the blues and now I have a PHD in blues! 

?Where do you get the inspiration for your music
Life.  Everyday Life.  Living is not easy and I don’t think it was meant to be.  Just like a good woman, you have to fight for both.

?What are your thoughts on the Colombo Jazz Festival and performing in Sri Lanka
I owe it all to Steve Hallam and Gehan Fernando for contacting me about this great festival. I’ve heard from fellow artistes who performed at it in 2016 that it’s on track to be one of the best festivals around.  If it’s great Chicago blues that people love and if they love my dad Muddy Waters I hope to give them a glimpse at what it may have been if my dad was still here.  Everyone wants their children to be as great as they are or greater.  I am proud to be the Son of Muddy Waters.  


Tickets are priced at 5000 LKR for a day pass for either day and 8000 LKR for the weekend pass which includes entry for both days, children (under 12) are half price and toddlers are free. 


Tickets will be available from Sugar Bistro Crescat and Odel, 41 Sugar, PR, Galle Face Hotel and can be purchased online through the website.