Gazette expected next week — Faiser

Published : 8:29 am  February 17, 2017 | No comments so far |  |  (308) reads | 

By Sandun A Jayasekera
Local Government and Provincial Councils Minister Faizer Musthapha said he would sign the gazette notification that contains the delimitation report today and send it to the Government Printer, and that he expected the much delayed gazette to be issued next week.  

DM_20170217_A001-241Mr. Musthapha said it would take some time for the Government Printer to print the gazette as it was bulky — with the delimitation report comprising 30 books and three volumes.   

“However, I expect the gazette will be released during the course of next week,” he said.  He told reporters at the weekly SLFP news briefing that the amendments proposed in the delimitation report and the proposals made by the minority parties would have to be incorporated into the Local Government Electoral (Amendments) Act of 2012 before the elections were declared by the Elections Secretariat.    In addition, the new boundaries of the local government bodies amended by the delimitation committee will also have to be gazetted according to the Act, he said.