SLFP will contest LG polls jointly with JO — Dilan

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By Sandun A Jayasekera 
State Minister of Highways and SLFP spokesman, Dilan Perera said the SLFP would contest the forthcoming local government polls as an alliance uniting the joint opposition and other parties under one banner to ensure a resounding victory for the SLFP led by President Maithripala Sirisena.   DM_20170217_A001-242

He added that discussions were under way to bring the JO, the SLPP and other parties that support the JO into the proposed alliance, and that it would most probably be through a no-contest pact.    At the weekly SLFP news briefing at the party office yesterday, Mr. Perera said that, if the SLFP united with the JO under the proposed alliance, it would be extended to contest Provincial Council Elections this year and the Parliamentary Polls later.   “We will contest the future polls as a big political alliance (with or without the support of former presidents Mahinda Rajapaksa and Chandrika Kumaratunga). Discussions have begun to unite all opposing factions under the SLFP banner,” he said.    Commenting on the intervention by President Sirisena to resolve many issues that had undermined the smooth progress of the unity government, Mr. Perera said President Sirisena, as the Executive President, had used his powers to resolve those issues to the satisfaction of all concerned.   

“The action taken by President Sirisena to resolve the Central Bank bond scam and issues relating to the lottery ticket price increase, SAITM, the rice price issue and the grievances of the disabled soldiers are the best examples of how President Sirisena acts to the satisfaction of all. That is why some SLFP ministers are urging President Sirisena to take over certain under-performing ministries before the situation gets out of hand. By resolving some pressing issues that come under the purview of other ministries, President Sirisena has shown the yellow card to the Cabinet. I don’t know when he will show the red card,” he said.