Sri Lanka is very dear to my heart: UN Chief

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Sri Lanka is a country very dear to his heart, the newly elected UN Secretary-General Antonio Gueterres has told Foreign Affairs Minister Mangala Samaraweera yesterday, the Foreign Affairs Ministry said.   

issuing a statement, it said Minister Samaraweera, who is in Geneva to participate in the High-Level segment of the 34th Session of the UN Human Rights Council, met UN Secretary-General Gueterres last morning.   The Foreign Affairs Ministry said this was the first meeting of Minister Samaraweera with the new UN Secretary-General who took office in January this year.   Recalling his several visits to Sri Lanka from 1978 onwards as High Commissioner for Refugees, the Secretary-General has said that Sri Lanka is a country that is very dear to his heart.   Minister Samaraweera has briefed the Secretary-General on recent developments in Sri Lanka in the context of reconciliation.   Expressing the full support of the United Nations for the Government’s reform agenda, the Secretary-General expressed that Sri Lanka is a country that is very dear to his heart and that he would be delighted to visit.