Doctors turn violent, attack hotel employee

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By Roshan Dilip Kumara  
A group of doctors had reportedly assaulted the employees of a hotel in Tissamaharama and damaged property after a party held there. 

Police heard that the doctors, who serve in hospitals in Tissamaharama and Lunugamvehera, were annoyed with one of the hotel employees, who they suspected to be videoing the party. Charuka Madusanka, the hotel employee, complained to the police about the assault.   

He said, “I received a video call. While I was answering it, these gentlemen had assumed that I was videoing them partying. I retreated to my room. But they followed me and beat me up. Several of my colleagues were also attacked. They smashed the window panes and damaged hotel property as well, he said.   

The incident had taken place on Saturday (10) night.   The Tissamaharama police were conducting investigations into the incident.