Navy recovers floating Buddha statues off Thirukkovil

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By Wasantha Chandrapala 
A decorated float with seven Buddha statues was recovered from the deep sea off Thirukkovil, Ampara by the Sri Lanka Navy, a Navy Spokesman said.

They found seven statues of the Buddha and several other objects in the float. The Navy towed it to Oluvil Port and handed it over to the Akkaraipattu Police.

The Police said that the height of two of the statues were about 3ft each and others about 1 ½ ft. each. 

A senior Police Officer said the statues and the float would be produced before the Akkaraipattu Magistrate. 

Ampara District Asst. Director of Archeology Aruna Nilmalgoda said he was scheduled to visit Akkaraipattu Police to inspect the statues and other objects. 

Meanwhile, Deputy Director of Pirivena Education, North and East and the Chief Incumbent of the Ampara Mahawapi Temple Ven. Kirindiwela Somarathana Thera was of opinion that the float with statues could have been launched in Thailand or any other Southeast Asian Buddhist country.