H1N1 swine flu cases in Maldives excede 100

Published : 8:23 am  March 17, 2017 | No comments so far |  |  (288) reads | 

As the number of confirmed H1N1 swine flu virus cases has reached 105 out of 335 suspected cases tested as of Tuesday in neighbouring Maldives, the second death was also reported on Wednesday, Maldives media reported.   

The Maldives health ministry said about 3,000 flu and viral cases a week were previously reported across the Maldives, but the number of cases rose to about 5,000 a week on average in late February.   

According to the HPA, 1,076 flu consultations were recorded in the atolls on Wednesday with 22 admissions. Consultations at flu clinics in Malé and its suburbs numbered 739 with eight admissions.