Bridge from Nedimala to Dehiwala endangers vehicles

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By H.M. Dhamapala and Kusal Chamath   
The concrete bridge built over the wastewater canal flowing from Nedimala to Dehiwala alongside the Quarry road has been in a dilapidated condition much to the inconvenience of area residents. They pointed out that vehicles crossing the bridge were in danger of falling into the canal if the bridge collapsed.   

Drivers said thousands of vehicles on Hill Street and Karagampitiya Anagarika Dharmapala road were diverted to Kadawatha road through the dilapidated bridge during rush hours, regardless of the danger. They pointed out that the protective fence with concrete posts had broken down long ago. This resulted in vehicles going out of control due to tyres bursting and other technical difficulties. Residents said vehicles crossed the bridge in single file due to fear of the bridge breaking down if two vehicles crossed it simultaneously.   



A three wheeler operator, H.H. Padmasiri of Nedimala said vehicles and pedestrians had been compelled to use the bridge regardless of the danger.  

“During peak hours, when traffic congestion is experienced on the Galle road, thousands of vehicles move along Karagampitiya Dharmapala Mawatha, Galvihara Road and across the bridge, proceeding along Kaudana road, Peiris road and Anderson road to reach the Kalubowila hospital and Nugegoda. The bridge is endangered by collapsing at any moment. The danger faced by the public has been taken up at the recent Coordinating Meeting but no steps have been taken to construct a new bridge,” he said.


Municipal Engineer, Dehiwala Mount Lavinia, N.K.L. Chandana said the present state of the bridge did not allow widening and that repairs were not possible due to the constant movement of vehicles.

  “We had prepared estimates to repair the bridge but had to give up the project. If the bridge was closed for repairs, a large population in the area and drivers would be affected. The constant movement of vehicles does not allow repairs to be done on the bridge. The Municipal Council is not in a position to undertake a massive project and constructing a new bridge would be possible if funds were allocated under the ongoing development programme of the government” he said.