Garbage on Fire

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By Yoshitha Perera
The Colombo Fire Brigade yesterday said the main cause of the fire at the Meetotamulla garbage dump was methane gas that was produced by the dump.

The fire brigade said it had deployed six fire trucks to the scene initially on Tuesday (March 21) and three more, yesterday afternoon to douse the fire.

The fire had erupted near the temple in the area adjacent to 101 watte.

Meanwhile, when contacted President of the Movement Against Garbage Dump Nuwan Bopage also stated the cause of the fire could be the methane gas produced by the mountain of refuse.

“The fire could have been ignited because of the dry weather condition experienced in the country at present,” he said.

Bopage explained there was a high probability that a fire could erupt in the mountain once again due to the conditions. 

“There is a chance of self-igniting toxic methane gas being produced by the dump. It could explode at any time-which could be a disaster,” he said.

Bopage said some residents and children in the area had breathing difficulties due to the dangerous fumes produced by the fire.
However, Colombo Municipal Commissioner V. K. A. Anura alleged the fire could be an act of arson. 

He said the CMC would take precautionary measures as the fire was caused by human activities.

“There is no space for any more garbage to be dumped here because the garbage that has been already dumped here had produced enough methane that it could ignite at any moment,” he said.

“Government officials do not comprehend the dangers the residents face,” Bopage concluded.