Moratuwa businesses asked to produce EIAs

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Text & Pics by Reka Tharangani
Eight factories had been directed to produce Environmental Impact Assessment Reports they were issued with, which if found to have been violated, would result in legal action, Moratuwa Chief Public Health Inspector Malinda Jayawardena said.

Jayawardena said the factories were releasing factory effluents to the Lunawa Lagoon and if they were found to have violated the conditions of the report, the office would file legal action against the penetrators.

Several factories were inspected under the directions of Moratuwa Municipal Commissioner M. M. C. K Mannapperuma, the Chief PHI said.

“The water in the lagoon has been polluted as many of these factories release the waste water,” he said. “Water released from vehicle service centres and fuel stations had layers of oil, which causes untold environmental damage. Additionally, marine resources are also in danger of being destroyed due to the chemicals found in the waste water,” he said.

“If it is proven that water is released in a manner that breached laws set out by environmental Acts, we will take legal action,” he said.
Moratuwa Municipal Commissioner M. M. C. K Mannapperuma, Police Environmental Unit, Environmental Unit of the Army and the Moratuwa Public Health Inspectors conducted the raid.