Police, officials clean up Narahenpita garbage

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Text & Pics by Muditha Dayananda
The Narahenpita Police environmental Unit took steps to clear garbage dumped along the road near the railway line and the waste collected from the public washroom in the area.

Officials from the Railways Department, health officials and officers from the Colombo Municipality participated in the programme.
Officers from the unit said residents living close to the railway line dumped garbage and that neither the Railways Department nor the Municipality took measures to clear the garbage, which had lead to a number of dengue mosquito breeding spots in the area.
“The authorities had constructed a public washroom for their use, but residents often constructed their own wash rooms closer to the railway line, which were an obstruction for the train service. The waste from these washrooms, were often dumped in the canal close by,” an officer said.

“These unauthorised constructions were removed and residents were made aware of the legal parameters of their actions and the structures have been removed. However, residents have been warned that if they were to continue legal action would be taken,” the officer said.

The programme was conducted under the direction of ASP Roshan Dias and organised by IP Gayan Prasanna and implemented by OIC of the Environmental Unit SI Suraweera. 

Superintendent of Health Dr. Dhammika Adhikarwaththage, Public Health Inspector Shrikumar and officials from several other local government authorities participated in the event.