Four teachers arrested for being drunk in school

Published : 8:04 am  April 3, 2017 | No comments so far |  |  (413) reads | 

By Pushpakumara Jayaratna  
The Narammala Police had arrested four teachers who were suspected to have been under the influence of liquor after school hours at a leading school in the Narammala area on Friday (31) after they received an anonymous call informing that several teachers had been seen under the influence of liquor on the 119 Police emergency hotline.   


The teachers in question had pleaded guilty to being under the influence of liquor and confessed that they had returned back to school to pick up their belongings after having drinks in the town. It is reported that the Principal (lady) had left school by that time and some of the parents and students had seen them acting in a drunken manner.  
The Police had taken steps to release the teachers on bail as they had accepted their fault.   Education Minister of  the North Western Province Sandya Kumara Rajapaksa said that he had instructed the Giriulla zonal education director to send a report on the incident to the director of National Schools.  
Further investigations were being carried out by the OIC of the Narammala Police, Chief Inspector Namal Perera.