Six Indians arrested with heroin worth Rs.162m in Northern sea

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By Darshana Sanjeewa
Six Indian nationals who attempted to smuggle 13.5 Kilos of heroin, worth over Rs.162 million, into the country in a trawler, were arrested by the Navy in the Northern Sea on Saturday night, Navy Spokesman Lieutenant Commander Chandima Walakuluge said yesterday.LATE-CITY--DM-1-35

He said that the seizure of the 13.5 kilos of heroin was the largest haul raided by the Navy from the Northern sea. The suspects were disguised as fishermen, he said.
The Navy said SLNS Ranawickrama Fast Gun Boat on patrol attached to Kankesanthurai detected the suspicious movement  of the trawler crossing the International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL) from Indian waters to the Sri Lankan territorial waters. The suspected boat movement was monitored by the FGB and the apprehension was made on the suspicious and unusual presence of the alleged fishermen on the small fishing dhow.
The apprehended drug parcels, boat and smugglers were brought to the Kankesanthurai harbour and were handed over to the Kankesanthurai Police for further investigations.
The Navy has been continuously apprehending drug traffickers approaching the Northern waters as fishermen, the Navy said.
The Navy had seized a total of 130 kilogrammes of heroin and cocaine and 2,140 kilos of cannabis in the past year and arrested a total of 19 Indians during the same period, he said.