Shangri-la’s Hambantota Resort & Spa to celebrate first Aluth Avurudu

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The month of April is a period when Sri Lankans prepare to celebrate the dawn of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year. 
This year Shangri-La’s Hambantota Resort & Spa is geared to celebrate its first Avurudu season in Sri Lanka with a number of special culinary experiences and festive activities.

The AluthAvurudu Celebration
Shangri-La’s Hambantota Resort & Spa will transform its artisan village into a typical village Avurudu market, or ‘Avurudu Pola’ on the 13th and 14th of April. 

The grounds will feature peddlers with clay pots, brassware, wood carvings, paintings, ornamental fish and plants, and cane ware. In addition, there will be food stalls with traditional ‘kavili’. The Pola will also have a ‘Kopi Kadé’ set up to serve village style coffee to shoppers.

In keeping with the April festivities, Shangri-La’s Hambantota Resort & Spa will offer guests a traditional AluthAvurudu lunch at its Bojunhala restaurant — priced at LKR 7,500 nett— and authentic sweetmeats or ‘kavilimesaya’ including kavum, kokis, kaludodol, and even achcharu and tropical fruits at its Gimanhala restaurant —priced at LKR 2,500nett—  in the evening. 

The highlight will be on day one with many Avurudu games conducted by the staff of Shangri-La’s Hambantota Resort & Spa. 
Celebrations call for traditional village style games, which include kottapora,kambaadeema, sack race, kanaamuttibindeema as well asrabangaseema.

During the two-day celebration, Shangri-La’s CHI Ayurveda Spa will offer 30 minute complimentary head and scalp or foot massages for guests that book a 90 minute Pizhichil Ayurvedic therapy, that combines rich oil massage with a special heat treatment that stimulates the senses through a coconut spices body scrub. 

Entire families can be assured of a warm welcome with a range of services catered to each 
family member.