Rs.3mn ransom sought to release child, his uncle

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By Suranga Rajakaruna   DM_20170505_A001-14 DM_20170505_A001-15
A two and a half-year-old baby boy and his 23-year-old uncle were abducted in Gampola on Wednesday by persons unknown, who had had demanded a ransom of Rs.3 million from the family to release them, the police said yesterday (4).   


The Gampola Police had commenced an investigation after the mother of the child lodged a complaint stating that her baby boy had been kidnapped. According to the complaint the woman had requested her brother, the 23-year-old youth who was also alleged to have been abducted, to deliver lunch to her husband and to take her 2-1/2- year – old son along with him to see his father.They never returned.

After receiving the complaint the Police had started an investigation into the suspected abduction. Their suspicions had fallen on the 23-year-old youth who had arrived from Badulla to go to Kandy for an operation and was in the interim staying with his sister’s family in Gampola. They say he may have kidnapped the boy instead of taking him to his father’s workplace.