SC held Forex Bill requires amendments: JO

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By Lahiru Pothmulla   
The joint opposition (JO) yesterday said the Supreme Court had held that the provisions of the Exchange Control Amendment Bill are not inconsistent with the Constitution as long as the corrections suggested by the it were included.   


The court ruling signed by Justices Eva Wanasundera, Buvaneka Aluvihare and Prasanna S. Jayawardena held that “the Bill was not inconsistent with any provisions of the Constitution when corrections as suggested by the court were done and as such may be passed by Parliament by a simple majority vote by the members present.”   

“The Supreme Court had ruled that identified errors must be rectified in order for the Bill to be consistent with the Constitution as suggested by the SC, Professor G. L. Peiris told a news conference. MP Bandula Gunawardane was one of those that petitioned the Supreme Court saying the Bill was not consistent with the Constitution. Speaker Karu Jayasuriya told Parliament on Wednesday that the Supreme Court had held the Exchange Control Bill to be consistent with the Constitution of Sri Lanka. However, he also said the Supreme Court had recommended the rectification of some minor shortcomings in the Bill.   

Meanwhile, speaking further at the news conference, Professor Peiris said that regardless of contradictory statements made by ministers with regard to the appointment of Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka to execute duties when essential services are disrupted, it was the Cabinet Spokesman’s statement which is considered valid.“The Cabinet Spokesman is liable for making statements on behalf of the Cabinet. Unless he himself re-corrects or withdraws his statements, his statements are the one which should be considered as being valid,” he said.   

He added the United National Party (UNP) MPs are making sure to annoy and humiliate the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) members in the government. “The UNP members are simply conveying the message that SLFPers have no place in this government. We can’t fathom how SLFP MPs continue to be a part of this government under these circumstances. It’s not an individual but the party which had become a target of this maltreatment,” he said.