Sri Lanka record resounding win over Pakistan

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By Pathum Sri Wijeratne in South Korea   
Sri Lanka recorded their first win in the ongoing Asian Youth Netball Championship thumping Pakistan 93-06 in Jeonju, South Korea yesterday.   

The victory comes in the wake of unprecedented defeat suffered at the hands of Thailand earlier in the tournament.  

Sri Lanka led 21-01 at the end of the first quarter. However with a few minutes into the game, Sri Lanka suffered an unexpected setback when Hansima Karunaratne was taken off due to an injury, the seriousness of which is yet to be confirmed. She is expected to be out of action for atleast six weeks, according to unconfirmed reports.   

This has left Sri Lanka with only two goal shooters for the rest of the tournament. Hansima was replaced by Malsha Ratnayake.   
Sri Lanka led 43-03 at the end of the second quarter with Samithi Rodrigo and Nilum Hapuarachchi exhibiting a fast-paced style of play. Sri Lankan skipper Madushika Fernando who was benched for the first outing was brought in yesterday only in the third quarter and fared quite impressively given the limited opportunity.   

The third quarter saw Sri Lanka collect 22 points for the score to read 65-04.