Spiritual bliss and vibrant décor adorn the isle this Vesak

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By Kamanthi Wickramasinghe 
As Sri Lanka celebrates the thrice-blessed day of Vesak, this year’s celebrations will take an entirely different turn. Thus in this 2561st year of the Passing Away of Buddha Sri Lanka will host the UN Day of Vesak. As a predominantly Buddhist country, people have always referred to the teachings of the Buddha to carve their lives into a spiritual one. But with the introduction of commercial aspects such as social media and other attractive forces, people have developed a sense of craving towards such materialistic rewards. Although The Buddha himself sacrificed his life while going in search of the truth, He preached that human beings should direct themselves towards the Middle Path. In view of this important day in the Buddhist calendar, the Daily Mirror Life sheds light on the importance of the UN Day of Vesak and how the teachings of The Buddha should be preserved and followed.