Wasp attack on funeral procession leaves 12 injured

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By W.A. Asela  
 A wasp attack on a funeral procession on the way to the cemetery had caused those in the procession to run helter-skelter looking for cover, dropping the coffin in the process. 
The incident had taken place last Thursday (11). The being taken to the cemetery was of an individual who lived in the Manikattu division of the Levelen Estate in Pupuressa, Galaha.  

 While those in the funeral procession were busy trying to get away from the attacking wasps, a ten-year-old boy named Anujan had fallen into the grave that had been dug to bury the body that they were taking for burial. Poor Anujan then came under attack from the wasps thereafter. His relations, who returned to the cemetery after waiting for about two hours for the wasps to go away, had found the boy fallen inside the grave.They rushed him to the Galaha hospital. He was later transferred to the Peradeniya Hospital for further treatment.   

 In total twelve persons had been affected by the wasp attack and had been admitted to the Galaha Hospital and were later transferred to the Peradeniya Hospital.  

 The custom of lighting fire crackers in front of the procession had been the reason for the wasps to attack the funeral procession, a resident said.There were frequent wasp attacks being reported in estates in this area due to the change in their breeding patterns, they said.  

The burial rites were performed by the relations after they returned to the site two hours later.  

Residents say a curious sight was witnessed as a stray dog was spotted watching over the dead body till the return of the relations who ran away to escape from the attacking wasps.