Man attacks child who cut his son’s bag strap with a scissor

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By A.K. Karandagolla – Hanguranketha   
The Mathurata Police reported that an individual had entered  the Dehipay Junior School in the Mathurata Police Division yesterday  (18) morning.

 He had then assaulted a child studying in the third grade  because one of the straps of the school-bag belonging to his child had  been cut with a scissor by this child.   

When this individual appeared in school with a scissor  hidden on his person, the child hid inside a toilet to escape  from him. Subsequently this person came to the toilet, dragged the  child out, taken him to the classroom before assaulting him and  left the school thereafter, police said.   

There had been no teacher present in the classroom at the  time this incident took place as school had not yet commenced.  Subsequently the principal and the teachers of the school had arrived  and administered first-aid to the child.   

Police investigations have commenced after a complaint was  lodged by the injured child’s parents. Police investigations are being  conducted by the OIC of the Mathurata Police Station, G.K. Gunasekera.