Mother sells two-week-old infant to childless woman

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By Srinath Prasanna Jayasuriya  
 A police team from the Mahabage Police Station had arrested a woman who was alleged to have been sold her two-week-old infant to another woman.   


A senior police officer said that a youth suspected to be her husband and a middleman had also been arrested. According to police, the suspects had disclosed that the child had been sold to a woman who was childless from Matale. Investigations were underway to arrest the woman who had purchased the infant as well.   

The police said that the mother of the child, who was from the Passara area, had rented a room of a house situated in the Welisara area and gained employment at a factory in the Wattala area and she had given birth to a child there. 

When the owner of the house where she was boarded inquired about the whereabouts of the child, she had replied that her baby was sleeping.The next time he inquired about the child she had told him the child’s father had taken it and gone away.After getting suspicious about the child’s whereabouts, the home owner had gone to the police who arrested the woman.

From her the police were able to take an individual who had been the go-between in the exchange into custody. They found out that the child’s mother was not legally married to the man living with her.

North Western Division DIG, Kapila Jayasekera was heading the investigation.