“SASARA SEYA” unspools on ITN

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Award-winning tele drama producer and popular actress Vinoja Nilanthi has just unspooled her 12th tele drama production  ‘Sasara Seya’ which is telecast on ITN daily at 8 pm on weekdays. The fascinating romantic tale inspired by past life memories of two young lovers has been scripted and directed by veteran Lakshman Pushpakumara.

The star-studded cast comprises Amila Abeysekara, Vishva Kodikara, Roshan Pilapitiya, Rithu Akarsha, Hashinika Karalliyadda, Rex Kodippilly, Nimal Anthony, Rohani Weerasinghe, Janaka Kumbukage, Rukshana Dissanayake and others while Asha Rajapakshe has directed the music.

Speaking to Daily Mirror Impulse Vinoja Nilanthi said this tele drama had received the highest points of 73 from the channel’s Approval Board among weekday teledramas on ITN.

“Despite the rich cast, 
picturesque locations, gripping 
story and the right treatment  
I am not convinced about the 8 pm belt I have got. I have spent 
a lot on this creation and what I get from the channel is lesser than my cost. Yet, since this is my passion I don’t mind the monetary losses. I strongly feel good tele dramas should be treated on merit and not be given secondary belts. 

It is puzzling to note why the best belts are given to those within the channel, while outside producers like us are getting a raw deal. 
I hope the system would change in manner that all stakeholders get a level playing field,” she said.


“75% of this tele drama were shot in breathtaking locations including Haputale and Bandarawela while the rest in Colombo and they too in the best locations that involved money. Channels don’t pay producers big money like they did in the past, but that cannot prevent us from making quality creations. In Sasara Seya I have used the best cast, best crew, best locations and I got instant positive feedback from the board. I made this to stay in competition with the popular tele drama culture. The story and treatment is different and intriguing and I hope the masses will also embrace it with love,” said Vinoja.
(Vasantha Wimalasinghe)

‘Sasara Seya’ telecast on ITN daily at 8 pm on weekdays