CWE to stop importing questionable basmati rice

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By Sandun A Jayasekera
The government has instructed the CWE to stop importing the variety of basmati rice, which as led to fears among  a section of the public that it contains an unnatural substance, a senior health ministry official said.   


Health Services Director General (DGHS) Dr. Jayasundara Bandara told the media yesterday that food inspectors were testing samples removed from the stocks of rice imported to Sri Lanka.   

“The rice is checked in three stages by putting it in water, by thrashing seeds of rice and by heating rice samples,” he said.   

Dr. Bandara expressed reservation on the so called plastic rice and questioned whether anyone could produce rice from plastic and sell it cheap?   

The CWE has also suspended selling this rice until the results of laboratory tests are received. However, the CWE said preliminary lab tests had shown Lanka Sathosa rice was perfect for human consumption and no plastic particles had been detected.   
A YouTube video showing the questionable basmati rice has gone viral.   

 The video shows that a quantity of Basmati rice purchased from a Pitakotte outlet of Lanka Sathosa did not go stale even after 24 hours of cooking and when a ball of such cooked rice was dashed on the floor it bumped back without disintegrating raising doubts whether it had been  mixed with harmful plastic particles.