Go for a ride on the hypercoaster

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Australia is set to become home to the longest, fastest and highest rollercoaster in the Southern Hemisphere – and you can ride it backwards. Warner Bros. Movie World on the Gold Coast is set to unveil its DC Rivals Hypercoaster, which will reach speeds of up to 115km/h, in October. 

Video of the ride is enough to make the weak-stomached feel queasy, as it shows continual twists and turns. 
The HyperCoaster reaches a peak height of 61.6metres,and boasts the Southern Hemisphere’s first non-inverting loop at 40m off the ground.



The bright pink track, which features villains from the DC Comics world, is 1.4 kilometres long.  Clark Kirby, CEO at WMBW operator Village Roadshow Theme Parks, says it is ‘almost double the length’ of any other ride on the Gold Coast.  Seating has been designed to give some riders the chance to experience the already stomach churning 
ride backwards.

The HyperCoaster will be part of the Super-Villains Unleashed part of the popular Gold Coast theme park, which opened in September 2016.

Also in the park is the Doomsday Destroyer, a looping pendulum ride, and the Arkham Asylum rollercoaster with virtual reality technology. 
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