SOUL-An Evening of Original Music

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SOUL will unmask Soundarie’s hidden originality in Baroque, jazz or something with a touch of gospel




Ever feel how your spirit lifts when you listen to music? Does music make you feel so light you feel you could actually fly? Well, get ready to indulge in a world of music and let your spirits soar with every quaver, every crotchet and every minim that hits the air at the Lionel Wendt as Soundarie David Rodrigo takes you on a musical extravaganza with “SOUL”in an evening of original music. 


In 2014 I had the honour of working with the late maestro Amaradeva and the late Nimal Mendis, which gave me an insight into local [eastern] classical music


  Soundarie David Rodrigo, founder and music director extraordinaire to the internationally acclaimed female ensemble, ‘Soul Sounds’, has received international recognition for her work. She was a piano student of the legendary Mary Billimoria and also of Ramya de Livera Perera. She added the cherry to her music career by completing her music studies at the Royal College of Music, London. From performing as a soloist with the Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka to performing in a series of solo appearances in Washington DC for concerts commemorating Martin Luther King to being associated in piano recitals with pianist Ramya de Livera Perera, Soundarie has done it all. You may have heard her choral arrangements that cover genres from ethnic to pop to gospel extensively.


At the end of the day, if you can reach out to somebody and touch that person’s soul, that’s what matters     


 But what you may not have seen her do is compose and perform her original music.That is just what she hopes to accomplish through her upcoming concert, SOUL. The concert will share a bit of Soundarie’s soul with all her fans by taking them on a tour of her original music inspired by the music and styles of rendering by artistes who have influenced her throughout her life. “In 2014 I had the honour of working with the late maestro Amaradeva and the late Nimal Mendis, which gave me an insight into local [eastern] classical music. Also my work with gospel conductor, Professor Mark Wilson, enabled me to learn the intricacies of gospel music. My own preferences in pop music and rock ballads, made me think differently. I guess a portion of these arrangements influenced my own in performances.”


So circle June 7 (today) on your calendar and make it a date with your friends and family at the Lionel Wendt, 7:30 p.m. onwards


SOUL will unmask Soundarie’s hidden originality. It could be Baroque inspired, may be a smacking of jazz or something with a touch of gospel. Whatever it may be, it will be a huge surprise. So, why don’t you go to see and experience for yourself an evening to remember?   

Initially the concert was to be a standard recital with the first half filled with classical performances and the second half being on the lighter side with popular favourites. But Soundarie has always been one to love a challenge and was not convinced that it was unique or testing enough for her. “Most of you who know me know that I like challenges. So when the idea to put together a concert with original music was thrown at me, I was convinced it was a challenging one. More so, it gave me space to explore many forms of music which had over the years helped me to come up with my own arrangements,”she explained.  

Soundarie wrote her first original in 2015, a song titled ‘Journey’ which was performed by Soul Sounds. “In 2015, I composed my first original, a choir, titled ‘Journey’, a gospel song. I also wrote an instrumental titled ‘Wild and Free’.”  

 Something pop: something jazz: something local. SOUL will also feature Soundarie’s collaborations with other renowned artistes in addition to her original compositions. Combined they would truly add to the musical treat, she went on to say: “Of course it’s not about just me playing the piano alone, I’m collaborating with several artistes of different genres of music which will include Jerome de Silva, Dushy Perera, Ravibandu Vidiyapathi and his drummers and also Neranjan de Silva among many other musicians. Soul sounds make a big part of me and my musical journey they too would undertake..”  

Music has always been Soundarie’s passion; her first love. As such there is no doubt about the heart and soul she has put into her endeavors to make SOUL a success. She thanked all the people who had been the pillars of strength in helping her make SOUL a reality. “I would like to thank those who had faith in me and pushed me to think differently. I have been blessed with family and friends who have supported me throughout my journey in music. I would also like to thank Mr. Hemaka de Alwis, Chairman of Fairway Holdings and also Mr.Nimal Fonseka, CEO, for their support. I also like to thank Sandamali Hewanayake, Senior Manager of Corporate Communication, Fairway Holdings Danu Innasithamby, Director of Programming, Lite 87, for always being there for me.”   

Soundarie invites lovers of music to her concert SOUL which she guarantees music to satisfy everybody’s soul. “At the end of the day, if you can reach out to somebody and touch that person’s soul, that’s what matters. My ways in trying to reach out to the audience, is influenced by the styles of musicians I respect and admire. To me it’s a personal journey expressing thoughts only music can. It may not be familiar tunes you and I are used to hearing but I guarantee they will be tunes you would take with you.”   

Senior Manager of Corporate Communications of Fairway Holdings, Sandamali Hewanayake, expressed her thoughts on the upcoming event. “We believe that in order to advance as a society in the country, it’s important that we live in a society that appreciates art and culture. We look forward to a very exciting evening on the 7th of June at the Lionel Wendt.”   

 Soundarie affirms that SOUL is going to be a concert with a difference that will be unique with music for everyone ranging from acoustics to the classical and from ballads to the romantic- all with a little twist.

So circle 7th June on your calendar and make it a date with your friends and family at the Lionel Wendt, 7:30 p.m. on wards when Fairway Holdings proudly partners Soundarie David Rodrigo and SOUL- in an evening of original music. 


‘Soul’ Performances

‘SOUL’ will consist of original compositions including a gospel song ‘Journey’ created by Soundarie and performed by Soul Sounds, an instrumental ‘Wild and Free’, and some original instrumentals influenced by western classical, rock ballads, pop, gospel music and Sri Lankan music. She was inspired by working with late maestros like Pandit W. D. Ameradeva and Nimal Mendis.