EPRLF: TNA unity hangs in balance in Parliament

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By Kelum Bandara  DM_20170619_A001-38
Keeping the unity among the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) could not be sustained among the allies, even in Parliament, unless the No-Confidence Motion against Northern Province Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran was not withdrawn, Eelam People’s Revolutionary liberation Front (EPRLF) Leader Suresh Premachandran opined yesterday.  


EPRLF, ITAK, PLOTE and TELO are the constituent parties in the TNA.   
The motion has been signed mainly by the ITAK members. The other three parties met last evening and discussed modalities to sort out the problem.  

Mr. Premachandran told the Daily Mirror that the motion should be withdrawn as otherwise the TNA would not be able to keep its allies together in Parliament as well.